What really happenes when you don't floss?

We all have been told various times by our dentists that we have to floss every day. But what are the consequences of not flossing? I mean you brush your teeth twice a day, and when you feel something gets stuck between your teeth, you pick it out. Is flossing all that important? 

Yes, it is. 

Let us begin by covering the ways our teeth grow in and erupt. Our teeth often don't grow in the way they are supposed to. Evidenced by those who need corrective appliances such as braces, and the need for surgery in the removal of wisdom teeth, most often though we can see these imperfections left by the small gaps in between our teeth. When we eat, food gets caught in between these gaps and stays there. This food becomes the fuel for bacteria to reproduce and wreak havoc on our mouths.

However, many think if brushing is sufficient enough for oral hygiene, but this is not the truth! The tool being used is meant for something as equally important, but entirely different. For example, would you use soap and water to get out a splinter or would you use a tweezer? Obviously, you would use the latter! In the same way, brushing is not adept at removing food from between our teeth. It is meant to strengthen our enamel, remove surface plaque, and remove surface stains. Many have heard this before, but the consequences of not flossing are severe. 

The most common long-term effect of not flossing is bleeding gums or the condition gingivitis. Bleeding gums are not natural if your gums are bleeding you should see your dentist as soon as possible. If left unchecked then gingivitis can advance to periodontitis. Periodontitis leans to a whole new set of problems. Periodontitis is characterized by receding gums, periodontal pockets, and even loss of teeth. 

Therefore floss once a day. And if you, like many Americans, find it cumbersome get an Oraljet! An Oraljet will clean your teeth more effective than floss! Any and all food that is trapped between your teeth will be removed. An Oraljet removes 99.99% of plaque from treated areas. And an Oraljet even massages the gums promoting healthy gum tissue. 

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